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The world of CBD is vast, and there is so much information to weed through… What are the extraction methods? Does the product put you at risk for a false positive on drug tests? Should you take CBD alone or with other cannabinoid derivatives? How can you choose the product that works best for you?

Well, while we can’t make that decision for you, we can provide you with the science-backed information you need to make that decision a little bit easier. As we say on our website, not all CBD is created equal. In this blog, we want to help you understand the difference between broad-spectrum and isolated CBD to help you determine which product is best for you!

There are so many different methods that companies use to isolate and extract cannabidiol — or CBD — from hemp, and a range of ingredients they choose to add or leave in their products.

In addition, there are also different blends that leave or take out flavonoids and cannabinoids. Some even completely isolate CBD on its own.

Neither full spectrum nor broad spectrum is better in quality overall — it has nothing to do with that. The quality of the CBD has to do with the company’s methods of production. 

Nonetheless, it’s important to know the difference, because certain CBD products like full spectrum CBD can actually trigger a false positive in drug tests even if you didn’t “get high”.

Read on to get a peek at what these terms mean before you shop!

Isolated CBD

CBD isolate is just that — pure CBD by itself. Some companies will produce this if people want pure CBD from the source, without any other cannabinoids in the mix.

However, it should be noted that isolating CBD from all other cannabinoids requires the most lab processing of the three categories [1]. While it isn’t dangerous, some people prefer to stick as close to nature as they can! 

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the reason many cannabinoids are left in with CBD is because they influence each other. This means certain blends interact differently with receptors when they are combined in full or broad spectrum blends. 

It’s called “the entourage effect”, and it’s the reason why CBD blends have more effects on the body than just pure CBD isolate! 

Full Spectrum and False Positives

Full spectrum blends tend to increase in positive effects as the dosage is increased. For some people, this can be better compared to CBD isolate which has shown not to increase in effectiveness [2].

However, full spectrum CBD blends include THC, the active cannabinoid in marijuana products. This is what creates a high from ingesting or smoking marijuana, and is what shows up as a positive on drug tests. 

While some people are not concerned, or they have a medical card, others are extremely sensitive to THC’s effects and don’t find it to be a positive experience. It all depends on how your body interacts with THC, and if that is a side effect you can tolerate.

Broad Spectrum: Somaleaf’s CBD Oil

Finally, we come to broad spectrum blends, which is what is included in SomaLeaf’s CBD Turmeric. Broad spectrum CBD means that all or some of the cannabinoids in the plant are extracted for the blend, minus THC. 

Yep, that means that if it is a true broad spectrum product, there are no risks of psychoactive effects like you might get from full spectrum products! 

The best broad spectrum CBD products are processed in a way that retains all of the cannabinoids’ active properties, and there are quite a few besides CBD and THC (all non-psychoactive of course) [3]!

Another great thing about broad spectrum CBD is it is less costly on average than full spectrum products because THC is left out. 

Which Kind Wins? 

Well… it depends on the person! Everyone’s body will interact with CBD products differently. You should choose the product that works for you. 

However, if you’re considering a product, research the company and its production methods. Some companies cut corners and use treatment and extraction processes that damage the purity and quality of their products, rendering them less effective than they could be, or worse, completely ineffective! 

For example, at SomaLeaf, we use the best possible methods with high quality grown hemp plants to extract the most potent and pure cannabinoids possible. 

We have also patented a liposomal delivery system, which protects the cannabinoids from breaking down too quickly in your digestive system! This way, the integrity of our CBD tincture is preserved, down to every last drop! If you don’t believe us, you can try our product for 180 days with our satisfaction guarantee!

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