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4 Mind-Blowing Ways CBD Repairs And Improves Brain Function

Many people choose CBD as a natural way to relax and reduce stress. But what exactly are the mechanisms involved in CBD’s stress-relief benefits? And how else is it impacting your brain?  The answer: More ways than you think.  Recent research has revealed that CBD usage can benefit your brain whether you’re healthy, have been […]

Eczema: Common Causes And How To Soothe It

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition that affects an estimated 30% of the U.S. population. It is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that can cause the skin to become red, itchy, and irritated. Eczema is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental elements, and it can be triggered by […]

What Does Biphasic Mean? (And What Does It Mean For CBD?)

Simply put, “biphasic” is a term to describe certain substances. A substance is biphasic if it’s one that has different effects on the body at different blood concentrations.  This is not to be confused with “biphasic drug-release”, a standard pharmaceutical drug administration process in which a drug is made up of two layers – one […]

6 Recycling Myths Debunked

It’s no secret that recycling is important. In fact, it’s one of the simplest things we can do to help preserve our environment and keep our planet healthy!  But it seems as though there may be some confusion out there when it comes to recycling. So, today, we’ll go over six recycling misconceptions and debunk […]

Six CBD Fun Facts

Hemp is such an interesting and useful little plant. Most notably, it is where we are able to derive our CBD! While we know so much about this product, there is so much still to learn… How much do you actually know about CBD, with the current available information? Keep reading for six fun facts […]