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Supplementation can be tricky, as there are many nutrients and molecules that are difficult for our body to absorb. As you search for products, you may see references to “bioavailability” – bioavailability refers to the proportion of a nutrient, drug, or other compound that is able to exert an active effect on the body. Some products have high bioavailability, meaning that you are able to absorb and utilize a large part of the compound. Other products that have low bioavailability offer quite a bit less for our body to utilize. This is an important concept to understand and consider when you purchase supplements – when you pay for products that have poor bioavailability, you may be spending money without receiving the benefits!

Though oral CBD products are quite popular compared to inhaled CBD, bioavailability of these oral supplements can be quite low. In fact, one study found that the bioavailability of standard oral CBD was only 9%! [1] 

Here at SomaLeaf, this is a problem we understand well. To combat the challenges of poor absorption and bioavailability, we utilize micelle liposomal delivery for our CBD to make sure that you are getting the most out of your products. Research shows that liposomal delivery of nutrients makes a big difference on CBD bioavailability. That’s because this process helps protect the bioactive CBD molecules as they travel through the digestive tract. 

Liposomal delivery makes a meaningful difference on the absorption of CBD. A pilot study found that after an hour of liposomal CBD administration, participants still had circulating CBD in their blood. In comparison, only 40% of those who took a standard, non-liposomal product still had any active CBD in their system. [2]

But what does liposomal delivery mean?

When we create our products, we depend on liposomes — as well as the somewhat lesser-known micelles — to create a delivery technology that ensures that the active ingredient is readily available for absorption. 

We talk a lot about the benefits of our delivery system, but this blog is going to break it down for you. If you want to understand why this technology makes all the difference, why we’re so confident in our products, and the difference they can make for you, then keep reading!

What exactly are liposomes?

Liposomes are tiny bubbles, invisible to the naked eye. They form the same type of fat – phospholipids – as cell membranes, can carry both water and fat-soluble nutrients, and protect nutrients through the digestive tract and can pass through the lipid bi-layer of our cell membrane and improve support of the cell. [3-4]

Whereas most companies stick their supplement in the fat layers and hope the nutrient gets to the right place, SomaLeaf has taken it one step further with something known as a micelle.   

What makes the addition of a micelle more superior than a liposome alone? 

micelle liposomal delivery for best absorption

When it comes to absorption, the addition of the micelles is incredibly helpful! The work of delivering nutrients can mostly be carried out by micelles, and the remainder gets picked up by liposomes. Together, they see the nutrient safely through the harsh conditions of your stomach and digestive system, then bring it into your bloodstream, delivering it to where it’s needed in your body. This ensures superb absorption of every dose. [3]

Let’s break down the differences… 

Unlike a liposome, a micelle only has one layer that holds the nutrient inside of it. By the time the micelle gets to your bloodstream and beyond, the liposome has done its job and the micelle is exposed. Its single-layer makes nutrient absorption much easier.

They work together like this:

  1. The liposome acts as a bodyguard to nutrients. It protects them from breaking down and helps them safely make their way to the intestines where they can be absorbed and used by your body.
  2. A micelle acts and looks like an intestinal cell. It moves through the intestinal tract without breaking down and is designed to be absorbed into your cells. It takes the protected nutrients to where they need to go!

(Number 2 is where SomaLeaf stands out. It’s one thing to get the nutrients to the intestines. It’s another thing to make sure they’re absorbed once they’re there…)

So, what does this all mean?

It means that here at SomaLeaf, we have a very good reason to be confident in our product. With our CBD Turmeric, you can trust that our methods mean that you won’t be wasting money on CBD with poor bioavailability.

We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. Try our CBD Turmeric with our 180 day guarantee.

SomaLeaf is a name you can depend on.


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