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Cannabis products are becoming less and less taboo as it becomes more understood, and as people across the globe continue to reap the proven benefits. One particular cannabinoid — CBD — has been booming in popularity in recent years. According to projections, the CBD industry is expected to become a billion-dollar industry by the end of this year! 

Unfortunately, there is a downside to CBD now being so popular and widespread. Due to the market being so saturated, a lot of companies will cut corners, rendering their products useless and minimally bioavailable for the body to metabolize. 

Why spend money on something that doesn’t work? It’s pointless and disheartening!

So, on that note, let’s talk about what questions to ask when shopping for your CBD products — and what to stay away from — so you know you are purchasing a quality product. 

How is the Hemp Grown?

Products made with cheaply grown hemp are typically exposed to harmful substances like pesticides. Also, if the CBD was separated from the hemp with heat extraction, it can be exposed to butane! As butane is hazardous, you will definitely want to check on the extraction methods. 

Unfortunately, because hemp is a plant that soaks up everything in the soil and around it like a sponge, chemicals like butane and pesticides are common if the company uses certain methods or cheaper ways of extracting CBD.

Is the CBD Product Broad-Spectrum?

Neither full spectrum nor broad spectrum are better in quality overall — it has nothing to do with that. The quality of the CBD has to do with the company’s methods of production. (Read more about ours here.)

Nonetheless, it’s important to know the difference, because certain CBD products like full spectrum CBD can actually trigger a false positive in drug tests even if you didn’t “get high”.

Broad-spectrum CBD products on the other hand means that all or some of the cannabinoids in the plant are extracted for the blend minus THC. 

There are no risks of psychoactive effects with a true broad-spectrum product, so you can enjoy all the benefits without the cost of THC side effects.

What is the Bioavailability of the CBD Product? 

Bioavailability means the readiness of a food or substance to be broken down by our metabolism and absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Unfortunately, companies will often just extract it and move product without considering that factors like stomach acids and saliva will break down CBD molecules before the body has a chance to absorb it — rendering it useless!

The solution to this is to look for a company that ensures maximum quality products, tailored to be bioavailable to our bodies. For example, Somaleaf CBD tincture is crafted with our patented Liposomal Delivery System

Liposomes are tiny cells that protect the CBD molecules until it can be absorbed, making it readily available to be delivered to the bloodstream — meaning you reap the health benefits of CBD effectively and safely

A Unique CBD Formula

Many people have been turning more and more in recent years to natural health products like CBD, but are overwhelmed with the options out there. Too often, consumers will buy CBD products without realizing that the kind they purchased is ineffective. 

At SomaLeaf, we have combined our CBD tincture with our patented liposomal delivery formula. This system is crucial to absorbing the benefits of CBD oil. If you are thinking of adding CBD to your daily regimen, click here to learn more about our tincture. 

And as always, consult a medical professional before changing or adding anything to your daily routine, and thank you for being a part of the Somaleaf community!

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