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It’s so frustrating when you plateau on a health product that was once effective for your needs. And while a tolerance to natural products containing THC is possible, it’s different for CBD. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. The way that it affects your neuroreceptors is hypothesized to prevent “levelling out”. This means that it is quite unlikely to build up a CBD tolerance. Some research even suggests that the opposite can happen: you can build a “reverse tolerance” to CBD

Read on to learn how CBD works with your body and how you can counteract the possible effects of tolerance or reverse tolerance if either happens to you.

The Mechanics of CBD vs THC

While developing a tolerance to THC is totally possible, we do not fully know yet whether the same can be said about CBD. 

Though THC and CBD are both derived from the hemp plant, they are two completely separate chemicals called cannabinoids. 

THC works by binding to CB1 receptors located in the brain. Because your body works to consistently maintain homeostasis for optimal health, over time the CB1 receptors become resistant to the same amount of THC. 

However, CBD is a totally different case! It has been found in recent studies that CBD does not bind to the CB1 receptors in the same way, meaning the receptors won’t dull the effects of CBD over time. This is why some scientists believe we do not level out when using CBD long-term. 

But different ideas have been put forth. Some scientists theorize reverse tolerance can happen, where the CBD actually promotes the activity of these receptors, requiring less to stimulate them.

Here are some easy ways to counter the effects of either situation! 

Fix Reverse Tolerance in a Flash 

Though it doesn’t seem to be overly common, if you think you may be experiencing reverse tolerance, there are a few things you can try. 

First, dial back your CBD dose! Seems simple (and a money saver), right? If your body doesn’t seem to require the same amount, gradually reduce your dosage to measure the effects.

You can also try exercising! In addition to the obvious health benefits, exercise melts fat molecules, which is where CBD is stored once consumed. 

Overcome the Plateau of CBD Tolerance

If you find yourself experiencing the opposite and feel like the same amount of CBD just isn’t giving you the same results anymore, there are a few things to experiment with before giving up! 

If you don’t want to increase your dosage right away, try taking it at different times of day, with or without a meal, or try switching up the way you consume it (in a beverage or food vs directly into mouth).

Also, you can try taking a break! This may hit the reset button on your receptors, so that you can take CBD again without needing to increase the amount. 

A Unique CBD Formula

At SomaLeaf, we have combined our CBD tincture with our patented liposomal delivery formula. This system is crucial to absorbing the benefits of CBD

Due to its high water solubility, many CBD products will pass through your system and dissolve before having the chance to be utilized by your body. 

Why purchase a product that won’t work? SomaLeaf’s unique liposomal delivery formula avoids this issue and ensures maximum bioavailability and absorption. 

If you are thinking of adding CBD to your daily regimen, click here to learn more about our CBD tincture. 

And as always, consult a medical professional before changing or adding anything to your daily routine. 

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