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Cannabis sativa is the plant that brought us cannabidiol (CBD) – a famous cannabinoid known for its benefits in sleep, anxiety, pain relief, and more. But the cannabis plant contains far more than just CBD. In fact, there are more than 550 chemical compounds with cannabis, with at least 100 of them being cannabinoids. 

And researchers are saying one of them will be the next CBD. It’s called cannabigerol (CBG), and recent studies have shown that it can provide your body with grounded energy, increase cognitive performance, boost mood, and more – which is exactly why we put it in our Morning Focus gummies

CBG has been famously coined “The Mother of all Cannabinoids.” This is because CBG is the “parent” molecule of all the other main cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC. But it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. 

This means you get all the benefits without any “high” feeling. But what kind of benefits can you expect with CBG? 

That’s what this blog is all about!

Read on to learn the 10 reasons you should be taking CBG every day!

10 Benefits of CBG

When looking at the benefits of cannabinoids, it’s important to keep the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in mind. This is a system within your body made up of natural cannabinoids (yes, your body makes its own cannabinoids!) and receptors. The ECS regulates bodily functions like pain, sleep, appetite, mood, metabolism, and more. 

It’s believed that by providing your body with a wider range of cannabinoids, you can bring balance to this intricate system so that your body can function optimally. 

Many of CBG’s benefits come through interacting with the ECS and binding to certain receptors throughout the body. 

So, with that in mind, let’s jump into the many reasons to give CBG a try!

1. Helps you sleep 

Like CBD, CBG interacts with receptors that can help your body find a balance in your internal clock – regulating the release of sleep hormones at night and energizing hormones in the morning and throughout the day. 

Due to this, a lot of people take CBG for sleep and find success with it. A 2021 survey asked people who took CBG why they use it and how it has been helping them. Of the participants, 30% said that they take it to improve sleep, the majority said it “very much improved” their sleep, and 73% of them even stated that CBG was more effective for sleep than traditional sleep medicines. [1]

2. Naturally eases pain

In the same survey from above, 41% of participants said that they took CBG to help alleviate pain. What’s more, 74% of them said that it worked better for them than over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and without the dangerous side effects. 

Researchers believe that the reason CBG offers pain relief is similar to how CBG does – it brings balance to the ECS.

3. Reduces anxiety

Now we come to the top reason people said that they take CBG in the above survey – to help with anxiety. This is a very common reason for people to seek out non-psychoactive cannabinoids since an unbalanced ECS can really stress out the body and bring about anxiety. 

In the survey, 78% of those taking CBG for anxiety stated that it worked better for them than conventional anxiety medications. 

Studies looking into CBG’s potential anti-anxiety effect have researchers believing that CBG may actually be the reason cannabis has been shown to reduce anxiety. Studies in mice showed that CBG was better at reducing anxiety than CBD and THC. [2]

4. Boosts brain function

One of the biggest reasons people struggle with memory issues or experience other cognitive problems has to do with their brain cells not communicating fast enough.

Thankfully, research into CBG has shown that it can help neurons reach farther and communicate faster. [3]

It also contributes to neuroregeneration – the creation of new brain cells and the repairing of damaged ones. [4]

5. Increases focus

Many people take CBG because it helps them have natural energy and stay focused. This is actually one of the main reasons why CBG is becoming so popular!

But it isn’t just hearsay. Early research is showing why so many people feel these effects. For example, in one study, CBG was found to improve task performance in rats. [5

6. Makes you feel happy

Through supporting the ECS, CBG interacts with key receptors and increases important endocannabinoids like anandamide, a brain chemical responsible for mood stability and feelings of happiness. [6, 7]

Additionally, it’s been shown to reduce the impact of neurodegenerative diseases and mood disorders, including depression. [8]

7. Lowers inflammation 

Inflammation is one of the key systems regulated by the ECS. And as it turns out, CBG can make a big impact on it. 

Research has indicated that CBG may actually cause the largest reduction in pro-inflammatory cells of all the cannabinoids tested so far. [9]

Through regulating the inflammatory response, CBG has also been shown to reduce colitis – an inflammatory condition within the small intestine. [10]

CBG has also been shown to have impressive antioxidant effects, scavenging the body of free radicals, which are harmful, cell-damaging molecules caused by inflammation. [11]

Researchers believe this could allow CBG to help people prevent, treat, and recover from inflammatory conditions, including neuroinflammation. 

8. Protects skin health

Researchers believe CBG protects important skin cells, such as keratin, while staving off inflammatory skin conditions like acne. [12]

Like with most of CBG’s benefits, this is likely because CBG interacts with receptors in the skin to stimulate anti-inflammatory, purifying, and protective activities. 

But other research says it could also be because the cannabinoid acts as a powerful antioxidant in even the deepest levels of skin – even better than the powerful antioxidant, vitamin C. [13]

9. It keeps your eyes healthy

One of the leading causes of irreversible blindness is a condition called glaucoma. This can occur when the fluid pressure in the eye – called intraocular pressure (IOP) – gets too high. 

Researchers recently discovered through animal studies that providing cats and rats with CBG lowered IOP, protecting against high fluid pressure within the eye. These studies have actually led scientists to believe that there are likely previously unknown cannabinoid receptors within the eyes. [14]

10. Good for your bladder

An estimated 200 million people worldwide suffer from an overactive bladder, meaning they’re having to run to the washroom non-stop. This may not sound like the biggest issue, but for those who have to deal with it, the problem can be inconvenient to the point where it dictates the plan for your entire day. 

Thankfully, there’s a natural remedy – CBG. Research from 2015 tested a range of cannabinoids on rats and how they affected bladder control, finding CBG to provide the best results. The authors of the study theorized that the CBG was somehow helping the body and bladder regulate themself (maybe another cannabinoid receptor we don’t know about?)

With these promising results, they then went on and confirmed the results with humans, finding that CBG reduced bladder contractions, meaning that it eased the bladder muscles so people could hold their bladder for longer periods of time without sudden urges to pee. [15]

The easiest way to get CBG

If you ask us, these look like 10 pretty convincing reasons to start taking CBG. 

We agree, which is why we made our AM Morning Focus Gummies

These delicious gummies contain a full dose of CBG and CBD and are boosted with several vitamins to optimize your health and fine-tune the ECS for maximum benefits!

Bring support to your ECS and feel more balanced, happy, and protected with CBG. Here at SomaLeaf, we give you six months to try our gummies!

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