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When it comes to CBD, a common question is How much should I take?

That’s because CBD is still somewhat new and the answer varies on a range of things, like why you’re taking it and how you’re taking it.

Today, we want to help you understand how much CBD you should take, especially if it’s your first time. 

Of course, you should always discuss CBD usage with your medical doctor. Though CBD is generally well-tolerated by most people, it’s beneficial to talk about it with someone who is aware of your medical history.

But here’s what you should take into consideration and know before your first time trying CBD

Why are you taking it?

Some people take CBD to manage pain, some take it to help with sleep quality, while others take it simply to relax after a long day. 

The problem is that everybody is a little bit different. This is why even The Arthritis Foundation recommends starting with a dose of just a few milligrams of a sublingual CBD and then increasing the dose by the same amount after a week, and – if you still don’t notice any relief – continuing to increase the dosage each week incrementally. 

But that’s for pain relief. Perhaps you want CBD to help you fall asleep. The amount needed may be different. So, do the same thing. Start low and slow. Take a small amount to start, and slowly increase it until you get the desired results.

How are you taking it?

There are several ways to take CBD. Different forms include:

  • Oils and tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Pills and capsules
  • Creams and lotions

How you take it may alter the amount needed to have an effect due to bioavailability and richness. The doses vary between these products, so how long they take to kick in can also differ.

How quickly do you want it to start working?

If you take CBD and don’t feel anything, consider trying more next time instead of taking more right away. This is an easy way to take too much on your first try. Though it’s thought that a very high amount of CBD can be tolerated at once, too much can give you an upset stomach, cause dizziness, or leave you feeling lethargic. 

What you want to do is understand what you’re taking beforehand. As mentioned above, the dosage and time needed to take effect can vary from product to product. For example, CBD gummies contain around 5 mg per gummy, while tinctures and oils contain about 1 mg per drop. And gummies have to go through your digestive tract before they’re absorbed, while tinctures get absorbed directly into your bloodstream, meaning it kicks in faster.

Here’s an estimation on how long it generally takes to feel the effects of different forms of CBD:

  • Edibles: up to two hours
  • Tinctures sublingual sprays: fifteen to forty-five minutes
  • Topicals: forty-five to sixty minutes

Just be sure to check the dosage of what you’re consuming and take into consideration how the body absorbs it. 

SomaLeaf’s CBD Tincture

The average CBD dose is typically anywhere between 20-40 mg. However, you may notice that a single dose of our Liposomal CBD Turmeric contains only 17 mg of CBD. 

This is because of how bioavailable our CBD really is. See, most CBD products have poor solubility, meaning very little of it gets absorbed. Some reports show that only 10% of conventional CBD gets absorbed!

In that case…

What’s the point?

But here at SomaLeaf, we wrap our CBD in liposomes. These lipids deliver the CBD straight to the gut lining where they can be properly and readily absorbed. 

That means you get what you pay for…

Instead of wasting your time and money. 

Want to know how a CBD that can actually get absorbed could make a difference for you?

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