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CBD Turmeric

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The SomaLeaf® Difference

About the Products

CBD Turmeric

CBD is quickly growing in popularity -- and for good reason. Many are finding relief through CBD, whether that’s for aches and discomfort, managing stress, or getting a restful sleep at night.

The problem is that CBD, being an oil, isn’t very bioavailable. In fact, tests show CBD absorption rates can be as low as 5%! That’s a lot of missed benefits.

We came up with a better way...

SomaLeaf has infused CBD with a patented micelle liposomal technology. This means a much higher rate of absorption and a formula that can actually make a difference!

On top of that, organic turmeric is also included in the formula. This helps compliment some of the benefits -- including supporting heart health, promoting a healthy inflammatory response, and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle.


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